Web Redevelopment Increased Conversion Rate by 1.76%

We were contacted by a fragrance retailer and manufacturer (www.dubaiscent.com) to help them improve the user experience on their website. 

After a deep evaluation of the user metrics on their website with tools such as Google Analytics and advanced heat maps, we were able to pin point key elements which were causing the visitors to leave their website without completing a purchase.

It was astonishing to see that page speed of the homepage was drastically low as compared to category and product pages. And the overall conversion rate was lower than the industry average despite the extremely competitive prices

The client heavily relied on Facebook marketing rather than SEO, which meant most of the new users first landed on their website’s homepage. After a detailed discussion with the client, we decided it was best to not only redesign the homepage but to also redesign the user experience.

At The Digital Address, we came up with a fully optimised and fast e-commerce web design which was user friendly and looked a lot more professional.

The project achieved the following major goals:

1. A complete creative redesign of the website for a more trustworthy look and feel

2. Smooth flow in between pages, categories and products for a better user experience

3. Faster page speed of all pages to lower bounce rate and increate conversion rate

4. Domain and complete data transfer from the old to the new website

5. Conversion optimisation to get the most out of each website user


We were able to achieve the following after the complete website redesign:

1 – Conversion Rate increased from 3.42% to 5.18% within the first 60 days due to strategic redevelopment of the home page design and checkout system

2 – Bounce rate decreased from 40.86% to 37.04%

3 – There was a significant increase in pages visited per session from 3.46 pages per session to 3.76 pages per session due to increase in site speed

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