First Page of Amazon UK in 30 Days (without decreasing the price!)

Let’s face it: Amazon is not as simple as it used to be. Today, the sellers need to be a lot more active in the marketing and strategy arena to make it to the top – while still being profitable.

We were approached by a UK-based Amazon seller “Trendstar” to help them increase their revenue on Amazon UK for one of their beauty products. The product was a set of reusable makeup remover pads and was already launched 60 days before we were involved.

After thorough assessment of the competition on the UK marketplace, we were able to work out approximate number in revenue we could generate for our client. The project included the following:

  • Detailed keyword research to get a profitable keyword combination while increasing the sale volumes

  • Complete revamp of the product images and EBC to make it stand out from the competition

  • A smart PPC strategy which would help increase the product visibility on Amazon search results while keeping the advertising spend within the budget

The Results

  • We came up with a main image which was warmer, and had a lot less blank space on the corners. We photoshopped the different items in the bundle to showcase the complete set within the main image which helped the product to stand out from the sea of other similar products.
  • Since our client’s product had the best value for money as compared to the competition, we increased the main product’s box size in the main image, and added more makeup pads against the box to showcase this particular product had the most amount of makeup remover pads at the same price. This change increased the click-through rate of the ASIN in organic search results and PPC campaigns.
  • A detailed EBC design of the product helped increase the click to purchase conversion rate of the listing
  • Our PPC strategy brought more revenue at the same amount of advertising spend by focusing on more lucrative and hidden long-tail keywords
  • Main Image Redesigned by The Digital Address Team
  • Main Image Redesigned by The Digital Address Team | comparison with competition                 * (ASIN hidden due to client confidentiality)
  • Sales rank increased to 840 in beauty even after a hike in price
  • Product video added to increase conversion rate of the product listing
  • Profitable PPC campaign on specific keywords and competitor ASINs
  • Video paid ad. campaign on specific search terms for keyword ranking

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