Is your brand struggling to stand out? Do you fear your product photos will blend in with your competitors and fail to grab customer attention? Our brand photography services will help you enrich your website and social handles with product photos tailored to speak your brand’s tone.


We understand brand photography is a fairly new concept. But we have mastered the art of branding images and are always here to assist you.  
Brand photography will help you ‘trademark’ your images with colors, light, theme, and contrast. So even without a logo, viewers recognize your brand with the product photos the moment they see them


starting from $50 per image
min. order $350
  • High Resolution, Fully Edited JPEG Photos
  • Multiple Sizes for All Social Formats (feeds, story, timeline etc.)
  • 1 Shoot Theme + Full License + Permissions
  • Branding As Per Requirements + Pre Shoot Consultation


starting from $70 only
min. order $350
  • High Resolution, Fully Edited JPEG Photos
  • Multiple Sizes for All Social Formats (Instagram, Facebook etc.)
  • Multiple Themes + Full License + Permissions
  • Branding As Per Requirements + Multiple Props & Setups


starting from $90 only
min. order $350
  • High Resolution, Fully Edited JPEG Photos
  • Multiple Sizes for All Social Formats (feeds, story, timeline etc.)
  • Different Shoot Theme Each Month + Full License & Permissions
  • Personalised Branding & Consultations

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The Digital Address- Your Brand Photographers

The Digital Address is a Calgary-based creative agency. We offer our services to businesses based in Canada and the US. We begin with planning the shoot down to the very last edit and execute our plan after we receive the products to be shot at our studios.

We are a team of creatives who love to blend creativity with pro-marketing techniques. We thrive on seeing our clients become successful entrepreneurs. That is why, with a camera in hand, we invest all our resources in building our customers’ business into a brand that becomes unignorable. Unforgettable. Unassailable. 

Here’s how our Brand Photography services proceed:



We want to understand your brand before we click photos. So, our brand photography begins with an elaborate planning and consultation session.

For images that are true to the branding, the photographers must understand your brand’s personality. We want each product image to speak your brand’s voice. So, before we proceed with capturing photos, we strive to understand our clients.

Planning makes sure the photoshoot is mapped out and scheduled. So that there are no delays with deliveries. We want your experience with us to be stress-free. So, our consultants will plan the entire photoshoot and we will stay on schedule, so you get the photos delivered when you need them.

Transparency is important when it comes to brand photography, so there are no surprises. Our pre-shoot planning and consultation aim at clearing out all details of our services so you know how we work and can make an informed decision.

After we have grasped your brand personality and have a thorough understanding of your business, our team proceeds with the audience analysis so that the images are consistent with your brand and resonate with your target audience.



After we have an in-depth understanding of your branding, and you have shipped your products over to our studios, we proceed with the photography.


• 39% of consumers start using a product after the brand offers complete product transparency. Because our sole aim is to help your business grow, we ensure that each image is a product description on its own and speaks your brand’s voice.


• You will use your product photos on various marketing platforms. They must synchronize with the branding so that you can efficiently drive brand recognition. We will incorporate your brand personality in your product images so that your social handles appear seamlessly-aligned with your branding and your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

• With elaborate brand product photos, you can help buyers see how you are adding value to their lives with your products and foster a bond of trust with them. We believe in capturing stories through our camera. Each image that we capture will narrate your brand story that your customers can relate to.

We want to help you convey your message effectively with product photos and win customer’s trust with branding that reflects in each image. At our studios, we have the best lighting and photography equipment. Our team decides which setting would work to show your product in the best light and instantly bring attention to its most prominent features.




We thrive on our clients’ satisfaction. So, after the shoot, we will send the photos to you for approval. After you love our raw images, we will proceed with the editing.


• Editing is the essence of brand photography. At our studios, we capture images with editing in mind. We use industry-level editing tools to enhance the right colors, adjust the sharpness, contrast, and saturation to make the image match your branding.


• Customers relate the quality of product photos and consistency in branding with the business’s authenticity. Post-shoot editing is important for enhanced image quality and no one understands this better than us. We capture high-quality product images and then polish them further to ensure your product photos build brand image while driving conversions.


• Editing eliminates the need for a different set of product images for each marketing platform. We know the image requirements that are unique to each digital marketing platform from our experience in social marketing. We will alter the dimension of your choice of photos for whatever platform you wish to use.


• We click photos, you select the best ones, we edit them, and then see the manifestation of our efforts through your satisfaction. Our creative team is always brimming with new ideas for editing. We edit all images to make them coherent with your unique branding.



After we are done editing your photos, we will hand them over to you in an appropriate format over a medium that allows for collaboration, is safe and frictionless.


• Sharing images through inappropriate media can compromise the file quality. We store your images in the format of your choice and share them with you through a suitable file-sharing system or via an online gallery.


• Image backup is important in case you lose your data to an unforeseen event. Your images stay safe with us. We back up all our product photos. So if you lose your images, all you have to do is give us a call and we will retrieve them from our system.


• Image delivery is the final step of our brand photography services. We deliver sharply-shot and meticulously edited photos via a channel that is only accessible by you and your team to prevent any pre-shoot ‘leaks.’

Starting $50/image. Minimum Order of $500

* Pricing depends upon your product and requirements of setup, editting, props, and location

Some Products are Subject To Custom Charges. Please Consult Us For Special Packages.


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Colour gel Photography

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We capture your brand’s personality in product photos that are bound to take your business to newer heights. Give us a call. Let’s discuss your brand and work together to drive enhanced brand recognition with brand photography.