Enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting at the price of shared hosting with Cloud web hosting. With our fully managed Google cloud website hosting service, maintain a high performing website with FREE Cloudflare CDN included in our website hosting packages.

We believe in a two-way partnership. You trust us with your website management, in return we offer 3-month FREE web hosting that is included in the website development package.

But if you already have a website, and are looking to migrate to cloud, we also offer cloud migration. Enjoy a free 30-day period of cloud web hosting after you have migrated over to our Google Cloud web server and pay only when you are satisfied.


Why Host Website on Google Cloud?

Website owners who have their websites hosted on Google Cloud enjoy several advantages.

  • Cloud web hosting is scalable. To accommodate for heavy-traffic, you can scale your website up and scale down later and only pay for the resources you use. With our cloud based web hosting service, we will manage your website for traffics, so you’ll only know of a spike in your web traffic through web metrics and increased sales.
  • When you host website on Google cloud, you can be at peace about server downtime. Cloud web hosting includes backup redundant severs that we will ensure provide complete backup to maintain a 99% uptime.
  • With cloud web hosting, you never have to worry about load time. We will cache your website across Cloudflare CDN for free, so you don’t have to bear with lost revenue due to slow website.

The Digital Address is a digital marketing agency based in Calgary. We provide website development and Cloud web hosting services to users based in Canada or the US. With our 24/7 technical support, you don’t have to be a technical expert to successfully run your website.  

What Do You Get When You Host with Us on Google Cloud Web Server?

An optimally performing website and peace of mind are just the two things that you get when you host your website with us. Apart from that, you will also have:

Dedicated Resources and IP

IP addresses are responsible for efficient data transfer and your website reputation. Moreover, to efficiently run your website through heavy-traffic, you need resources. But dedicated web hosting often does not fit in the budget. We understand.

  • With Google cloud platform web hosting, you can never go short on resources. Our cloud web hosting offers shared resources that you can use as the need arises. So your website never gets congested during heavy ‘click-fall.’
  • A shared IP can get your website on the blacklist. We value your website’s reputation. Hence, we offer a dedicated IP address in our cloud web hosting packages.
  • A dedicate IP is critical for SSL certificate that vouches for your website security. Our Google cloud web hosting price includes a dedicated IP that comes with a FREE SSL certificate.

Host with us on Google cloud web server and rest easy knowing your website has dedicated resources ensuring its optimal performance and have a dedicated IP address to vouche for your website’s authenticity.

Regular Website Backup

When you host your website with us on a Google cloud web server, chances of any security breaches are minimal. However, you need peace of mind knowing that you have your website data backed-up to restore your website in the rare case of a website failure.

  • Lost website data can lead to excessive downtime, which can be lethal for any business. We work to ensure your website is always up and running with regular website backups and prompt restoration in case of a calamity.
  • Backing up your website data saves you from re-investing your time and resources in re-building your website after it is lost. With our Cloud web hosting services, we will ensure that your website data is never lost.
  • Website backup is critical. But saving each file manually can take up a lot of your time. We have an automated website backup in place that will regularly save a copy of all your latest web data and elements.

With our cloud hosting service, you get a team dedicated to keeping your data safe. So you can invest your time in growing your business knowing your website is backed up to combat worst case scenario.

Go Online Instantly with Cloud Migration

Trying to go online with other forms of web hosting can be time consuming. But when you opt for our Cloud web hosting service, your website goes online instantly.

  • Your customers are looking for you online. You are losing customers and revenue as you wait for your hosting service to publish your website. Host with us on Google cloud web server and go online within minutes.
  • Considering cloud migration but are worried about downtime? Our cloud web hosting will migrate your website resources over to our Google cloud website server with minimal downtime.
  • Cloud migration involves multiple technicalities. But you don’t have to have any special technical skill set to migrate to our cloud. You’ve got our technical team to support your cloud migration.

Switching hosts or Cloud migration, our Google cloud web hosting provides a comprehensive cloud web hosting service. Moreover, with cloud migration, enjoy our prompt cloud web hosting services free for an entire month and then select a monthly payment package that fits your budget.

Web Caching with Cloudflare CDN

Page load time defines the performance of your website. The probability of a visitor bouncing increases by 123% when load time increases from 1 to 10 seconds. Hence, web caching over a CDN is critical for optimal web performance and an enhanced UX.

  • Web caching stores your web files on proxy servers spread on a CDN thereby reducing the latency of the server. We understand the importance of minimizing latency and therefore, offer FREE Cloudflare CDN with web caching services.
  • Web caching minimizes your website downtime. We will cache your web elements across various proxy servers available through Cloudflare so that if the primary server is down, users can access your website via the proxy servers.
  • If your website is not cached on a CDN, your primary server can get overloaded by heavy web traffic. When we cache your files on CDN, the website traffic is distributed across proxy servers for better load management.

At our cloud web hosting agency, we have dedicated our team and resources to optimize your website performance. We will update the proxy servers with all your latest web elements so the users can access latest information promptly.

Fully Managed Cloud Web Hosting

We are your IT department. Web hosting is technical, but you don’t have to focus on its technical aspects. We will do that for you, so you can invest your time and resources in growing your business.

  • From setting up your hosting account to cloud migration, updates, and server management, our fully-managed website hosting offers everything.
  • With managed web hosting, you get a dedicated team of server admins, database managers, and entire technical staff. Our Google cloud web hosting price does not only include hardware servers, but you also get highly experienced IT experts on your team.
  • A managed cloud web hosting service surveils your website and network of technical vulnerabilities and ensures proper backup. With our Google cloud web hosting, we have teams dedicated to managing your web app security and perform regular backups.

We have all the resources, team, and experience. Host your website on Google cloud and rest easy with our 24/7/365 technical support to take care of every minor technical details of your website.

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