Will You Buy A Product Without Seeing It First? Probably Not. Same Goes For Your Customers. Online Shoppers Are Highly Likely To Bounce Off Your Product Page If It Lacks Proper Visual Representation Of Your Products. Hence, E-Commerce Photography Plays A Vital Role In Enhancing Customer Interaction With Your Brand.
You can convert your potential customers into regular buyers by supplementing your virtual store with high-quality product images.
Let’s see what eCommerce product photography is and its types. Also, if your business is located in Canada or the US, read on to find out about our commercial photography packages that we have designed exclusively for you.

Basic Shots

starting from $50 per product
  • 3 Basic Product Photos On White Background
  • Basic Editting + 3 Angles Covered
  • For Basic Small Sized Items

Advanced Product Photos

starting from $80 only
  • All In Basic + Color Corrections
  • Set of 5 Pictures Including 1 Basic Lifestyle (w/o model)
  • Base Shadow Included

Premium Product Photos

starting from $120 only
  • All In Advanced + 
  • Complex Products and Staging
  • Simple Group Shot + Model Photoshop

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What Is Ecommerce Photography? 


Ecommerce photography is one tool that can multiply your online store visits and help you make some great sales.


Ecommerce product photography services involve taking pictures of the products that you are selling online and processing them to look attractive.

Commercial photography holds great importance in strengthening your brand’s foundations online. Read on to discover the factors that make eCommerce product photography essential for your online store.

Do you know 75% of online buyers believe compelling product photographs influence their buying decision? But wait, there’s more.

1. Product Photos Help Seize Buyer Attention.


Humans have an attention span of about 8 seconds. Which means you only have 8 seconds to compel your site visitors to proceed with the buying process.


Our mind processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information. So, no matter how good your product description is, if you don’t have compelling product photographs to support it, your product page may fail to engross your prospects for long.

Whether you are selling on Amazon, eBay or Canada’s very own Shopify, with our seasoned e-commerce product photography service, we can help you embellish your online store with engaging product images. So that you can grab and hold your customers’ attention and strengthen your brand’s online presence.

2. Product Photographs: Your Brand’s Voice


Internet is a densely populated global village. Your brand needs a distinct voice to appear unique in the crowded virtual space. With people paying more attention to product images than textual descriptions, there is no better way than to channel your brand voice through product images.

But how can you manifest your brand’s persona through pictures? By ensuring that all your product images reflect your brand’s distinct theme. Seems difficult? Fret not!


You can book a professional photo shoot for your brand with us at The Digital Address. Our team includes some of the best product photographers who will shoot all your products while maintaining consistency in theme and backdrop, so each product image voices your brand’s tone.

3. Reduce Product Returns


22% of the products that people buy online are returned because ‘they are not what they looked like in the pictures.’

To minimize your product returns, you need to make sure that the images accurately represent your product. So, your customers are not disappointed with the stark difference between what you show and what you deliver.


At The Digital Address, we shoot your products under suitable lighting and with the right equipment. So, a detailed e-commerce photography session can capture the actual aspects of your products.


Photos from our commercial photography studios will mitigate the dissimilarities between the actual product and its image. Our team of best product photographers will capture your products’ photos and process them to look as real as the product itself.

4. Ecommerce Product Photography Brings Your Products To Life


Most people consider the inability to assess a product in-person the biggest downside of online shopping. But with a comprehensive set of product images, you can provide your online store visitors with a close-to real shopping experience.


Fine e-commerce photography can bring your products to life and allow your customers to feel the products as they shop online.


With a crisp and clean product image, you can also help your online buyers to evaluate the quality of your product. Make sure to hire a product photography service that produces high-resolution product image. Which your customers can zoom in on and inspect the tiny details of your product.


With our established e-commerce product photography service, we capture the features of your products from all angles. Our team ensures that no aspect of your product remains hidden from the eyes of your customers.

5. Ecommerce Photography: The Bridge Between Your Brand And Social Media


Social media is one of the most effective marketing media these days. The likelihood of your visual content being shared on social media is 40 times more than the word-based content. Which means with some good e-commerce photography, your brand can conquer Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and become a hit on social media.


Let our creative product photography service help your brand cash in on the power of social media. Allow our product photographers to develop engaging photos of your products. So that your brand can leave a mark on the social forum.

Our Ecommerce Product Photography Services & Per Image Prices


Ecommerce Product photography has many different types. All these types of eCommerce photography combine into a set of photos that defines, in detail, every feature of your product.


Click the type of photography you are interested in below, for more details.

starting $10 per image | minimum order $350

Product on white photography is the standard of eCommerce product photography. The main images of almost all products sold on Amazon, eBay or Shopify stores are shot against a white backdrop

  • Products images appear sharp and clear when shot against a white backdrop.
  • White background photography defines overall aspects of your product.
  • The white background streamlines the focus on your product and removes distractions.

Product on white photography may seem easy, but it requires right light, equipment and shooting technique.

At The Digital Address, our team of the best product photographers

  • Will choose the right shade of white for the background.
  • We will analyze your product and adjust the lighting accordingly.
  • We pick the perfect elevation for your product to sit on during the shoot.
  • The image will go through a meticulous post-shoot editing process so it comes out sharp and clear.

We will ensure that your product stands out brilliantly on your selling page and is never overlooked by a potential buyer.

starting $50 per image | minimum order $350

Lifestyle product photography is a great way to add your brand’s personal touch to your product images.

  • It encapsulates your brand’s ideology.
  • It channels your brand’s beliefs through a set of beautifully shot product photos.
  • These images help customers understand the proper usage of your products.
  • Lifestyle images help customers form an emotional connection with your brand.

Lifestyle photography is not as straightforward as product on white photography. It requires creativity, elaborate setup, and a professional eCommerce photographer to capture your product in the setting it was designed for.

You don’t have to manage all of this alone. The Digital Address is a prodigy in creative product photography. Just reach out to us and let’s discuss your brand’s ideology. Ship your products over to us and our team will

  • Choose the perfect setting for your products’ photoshoot.
  • Use the right equipment for your products’ shoot.
  • Process the images so they come out perfect.
  • Ensure that each image helps your customer understand your products’ intended use.
  • Ensure that your brand’s voice and the products’ concept are visible in the images.

starting $20 per image | minimum order $350

Group product photos are a type of eCommerce photography that’s best for when you want to showcase multiple products through a single shot.

  • A great way to display the product variety of your brand.
  • Manifests the diverse cohesiveness of your products.
  • Focuses buyer attention on multiple products through just one image.

We understand how every shot matters to you in eCommerce product photography. So, at our commercial photography studios, we shoot your products in group

  • From an optimum distance.
  • At the right angle.
  • With the best product photography equipment.
  • And ensure that each product’s features are stands out on its own while also complimenting other products in the group.

starting $30 per image | minimum order $350

Feature specific photos or infographics are an essential part of product photos when you are selling on Amazon, eBay or your Shopify Store. Infographics effectively provide customers the product information they need to make an informed buying decision.

Infographics is a branch of eCommerce photography that:

  • Conveys your products’ specifications to your customers by a fusion of typography and imagery.
  • Supports your product description.
  • Helps your prospects understand your product better.

Our eCommerce product photography service is expert in shooting feature specific photos for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Facebook and Instagram shops.

  • We will ensure that each image sits perfectly with descriptive text.
  • Our team will shoot your products and with our expertise in post-shoot designing, will convert a simple product image into an insightful infographic.
  • We will help you make your Amazon, eBay or Shopify seller profile more informative for your customers.
  • With our infographics, we will help your virtual customers feel as if they are shopping in a real store.

The Digital Address is your one stop solution for capturing your product images, processing them into descriptive feature specific photos and effectively marketing your products online.

starting $40 per image | minimum order $350

* HDR Lighting * Well Lit Details * Perfect Angle For Better CTR

Hero images are those prominent and bold product photos that make your product stand out on your main Shopify product page. These images are shot at a higher resolution and processed to appear sharper and clearer.

  • Selling on Shopify, Facebook or Instagram shops, hero images are perfect to make your products appear prominent in that crowded virtual mall.
  • Hero images depict the value that your product adds in the customer’s life.
  • These images are a great way to develop a bond of trust between your brand and your prospects.
  • Hero image is your best option to illustrate the worth of your product through an elaborate photo.

Are you confused about hero images? Contact us and let’s discuss this concept out. Or ship your product over to our commercial photography studios in Calgary and we will show how good your product looks shot in hero style.

At The Digital Address’s product photography studio:

  • We pour in all that we have learnt in our journey as a professional product photography service and develop a simple image into the perfect hero shot- crisp and evoking.
  • Our professional eCommerce photographer shoots with a perfect combination of the right camera, lens, and lighting.
  • Since the hero image is more graphically pronounced, so all images pass through a detailed editing process to make them into well-defined hero images.

starting $40 per product | minimum order $350

* Delivered In Format Of Your Choice

The entire concept of eCommerce photography is to help customers see the details of a product in a virtual store as they would in a physical store.

360 Degree shot is the type of eCommerce product photography that encapsulates the essence of product photography.

  • Allows your customers to virtually rotate the product and inspect it from all angles.
  • A 360 Degree shot helps your customer develop a cognizant product judgement and reduce product returns and exchanges.
  • 360 Degree shot makes your Amazon, eBay, or Shopify store more authentic in the eyes of the customer.
  • A 360 Degree product photo significantly aids customer interaction on your webstore.

At The Digital Address, we offer 360 product photography service. Just send your products to our product photography studios in Calgary, Canada and we will take care of the rest.

  • We will shoot a 360-product photo using most efficient professional camera.
  • The product will be placed on a turntable with a 360 riser and the image will be shot against a white background (or any other background of your choice).
  • We will use the best lighting that brilliantly illuminates your products, so all its features are visible in the 360 shot.
  • Our professional eCommerce photographer will develop the perfect 360 shot using the best 360 photo editing software.

starting $15 per image | minimum order $350

* Pricing Depends On Item Type * Styling Included For Simple Products

If you are selling apparel on Amazon, eBay, or you have a clothing Shopify, Facebook or Instagram shop, professional fashion eCommerce photography service is a must have for you.

  • Professional Fashion eCommerce Photography captures the right color of your apparel so there’s no dissimilarity between what you show and what you ship.
  • It helps your customers understand the fabric of the cloth.
  • It helps them understand the fitting, stitching, and weaving of your fabric.
  • Fashion product photography captures tiny details of your brand’s apparels.

When it comes to fashion product photography, its very easy to go wrong, and going wrong means losing potential buyers and dropped sales.

With our professional product photography service, we guarantee a perfect fashion eCommerce photography, where each photo will equate to trial-session for your customers.

  • Hiring live models doesn’t fit your budget? We will shoot your products on mannequins and edit them to depict their features clearly.
  • We will choose the best background for your products.
  • Our team of the best product photographers will help you decide whether your apparel will look better on a mannequin, a ghost mannequin or against a solid-colored background.

All you have to do is give us a call and we will offer thorough consultation for your eCommerce product photography. Once you are satisfied with our consultation, just ship your products to our commercial photography studios in Calgary, Canada. Then relax while we take care of your eCommerce Product Photography for you.

Special Photography Techniques & Pricing

The Following Types Of Product Photography Are Subject To Custom Charges. Please Consult Us For Special Packages.


  1. Jewelry Photography

  2. Ghost Mannequin Photography

  3. Apparel Photography

  4. Sunglasses Photography

  5. Liquid photography

  6. Table Photography

  7. Cosmetics Photography

  8. Flat lay Product Photography

  9. Food Product Photography

  10. Stationery Photography


We Can Add Special Effects To Your Images


– Colour gel Photography

– Packshot photography

– Powder Photography

– 3D Product Photography