90% of the internet can be your billboard with Google display network ads campaign. So, the potential of this platform when it comes to driving brand awareness and maximizing reach is limitless.

However, a Google Display Network ads campaign can go two ways: The good way and the bad way.

If it goes the good way, it can result in increased brand awareness and a surge in sales. However, if it goes the wrong way, you can end up exhausting your ads budget without generating any significant leads.

Our GDN ads agency is committed to driving your GDN ads campaign up the right way so you can enjoy maximum conversions with minimum investment.


How Can Google Digital Network Ads Define Your Business’s Success?

A Google display network is a massive platform that reaches over 2 million websites, videos, and applications. leveraging the immense reach of Google ads network, you can achieve your marketing objectives without exhausting your budget.

  • Google display network allows for highly targeted advertising. We will make the most of Google display network targeting and take your message directly to your target audience.
  • Unlike search ads that only allow texts, GDN ads allow images, videos, and rich media for interactive display network ads. Our creative team will create display ads that drive web traffic and contribute to lead generation.
  • Google Display Network provides meaningful insights to determine your ad’s performance. Our SEM strategists will use these metrics to shape your display ads campaign for success.

The Digital Address- Creating Engaging Google Display Network Ads for Your GDN Campaign

The Digital Address is a Calgary-based Google ads company. We are committed to helping you harness the powers of Google Display Network to reach your target audience and get new audience that converts.

Our Google Display Network Ads Services Include:

Google Display Network Strategy Buildup

Google display network is a labyrinth. If your try to get through it without a strategy, you will get lost and waste a lot of time and resources. With our experience in GDN ads, we will build a sound ads strategy to help you advertise through GDN.

  • A GDN ads strategy involves audience research. So that your campaign can be adapted to their interests and hobbies. Our GDN advertisement strategy stems from audience research and spreads out to target your ads towards a pool of interested audience that are most likely to convert.
  • Google display network has different formats with each performing differently. You don’t have to get confused between choosing the right format. We will do that for you.
  • A strategy lays the foundation of your ad campaign. Our team will develop an advertising strategy that will lead to a campaign adapted to your marketing objectives.

You are only one step away from having a fail-proof Google display network ads strategy. Let’s work together and build a successful GDN ads strategy for your business today!

Google Display Network Ads Campaign Setup

A GDN ads campaign develops on your advertising strategy and works to achieve your advertising milestones be it brand awareness, increased CTR or maximum conversions.

  • GDN campaign setup is the point where your strategic decisions can manifest as your business’s success. We will help you choose the right advertising goals and build a campaign customized to achieve all your marketing objectives.
  • GDN campaign, if done right, can take your message directly to the people interested in doing business with you. With our google display network ads services, we will build a targeted GDN campaign so that your ad spend is invested on valuable audience.
  • Google encourages using multiple ads per ad group for enhanced ad rotation optimization. Our graphics teams will join powers with our SEM experts to categorically develop 4-5 ads for each ad group and optimize them. So Google only displays the best performing ones.

At our GDN marketing agency, we get closer to your goals with every step we take. We will create a Google display network ads campaign from ground up with your success in mind.

Interactive Display Ads

There are three factors that determine the success of display ads: sound GDN strategy, strong campaign, and interactive display ads.

  • Display ads define your brand’s reputation. They can make users associate credibility with your name. So, you can’t afford to compromise on your display ads quality. Let us help you develop an engaging GDN display ad that imparts authenticity to your name and value to your proposition.
  • Display ads are your brand’s representative on foreign webpages. They must be consistent with your brand’s personality and must channel your brand voice. We will keep your display ads in harmony with your branding so they standout in the ad space and engage the right audience.
  • The purpose of a GDN banner is to entice your target audience to click through and convert. GDN offers various formats for advertisers to engage their audience. Text-only, image, video or rich-media ad, our graphics team will curate ads in format that work best for you.

Confused about the format or content of your GDN ads? Let us help you choose the ones that are likely to yield best results for your campaign goals.

Google Display Network Targeting

The beauty of GDN is that it allows for highly targeted advertisement campaigns and for that, it offers lots of targeting options.

  • You can use google display network to target your advertisement based on topic, audience interests, context, and demographics. Our Google ads consultant agency has expertise in each of Google’s targeting strategies. We will combine the right strategies and target your ads to drive you closer to your goals.
  • GDN targeting helps you invest your ad spend on an interested audience. We will establish a customize targeting strategy to streamline your ads and focus them exclusively on an audience that is most likely to convert.
  • With Google display network site based targeting, you can hand-pick the websites that you want your ads to run on. We will help you pick the best performing web pages where your display ads can garner most attention and generate most leads.

Want to win an edge over your competitors? Let us target your ads to your competitor’s audience and engage them in business with you.

GDN Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is an effective tool for advertising your products to people who have a history of engagement with your business. It is a sharply targeted strategy that specifically advertises what your prospects are highly likely to buy.

  • Remarketing Google display network ads help your product stay on top of the customers’ mind. We design your remarketing campaign to strategically position your ads such that your prospects immediately think of your brand whenever they have a buying intent.
  • Retargeting GDN ads generate better ROI because they have higher conversion rates. Our Google business ad agency experts will target the audience that is near the bottom of the conversion funnel. So that your cost per conversion stays at minimum.
  • You don’t have to have a big budget for an effective remarketing campaign. Our GDN marketing agency is dedicated to helping you maximize your conversion economically. We will align your GDN remarketing campaign with other cost-saving strategies to maximize your brand exposure while keeping the costs low.

Repetition matters when it comes to marketing and Google ads network is a viable retargeting platform. Our Google AdWords display services will commence with placing tags on your website to target specific page visitors with ads related to the products on that page.

Data Analysis and Reporting

The quality of data you collect from your ads campaign defines how well you can optimize your campaign. Moreover, the success and failure of a campaign reflects in its performance metrics.

  • Performance metrics help advertisers understand advertisement strategy is profitable, and which isn’t. We will track the right KPIs and exclude the ads and strategies that are not performing well.
  • Ad performance data also shows how well the advertising strategy is aligning with marketing objectives. Our advertising strategy is not only data-driven but optimized based on its performance statistics.
  • The performance of a particular ad format also reflects in Google display network ads metrics. By measuring ad impressions and conversions, we will identify which ad format and creative is working best and use it for subsequent campaigns.

At our Google ads company, we understand the importance of data. So, our advertising strategies are data-driven right from the start.

GDN Campaign Optimization

Google display network campaign optimization is critical to keep your ads relevant and your campaign profitable. An unoptimized GDN campaign can exhaust your advertisement budget without generating any significant leads.

  • Campaign optimization helps you strategically bid on better performing ads. Our GDN campaign is data-centric. Our Google ads campaign management team will use the information that we gather from the ad performance metrics to bid on the ads that generate better leads.
  • GDN ads campaign optimization helps you generate better ROI on ad spend. Our Google business ad specialist will review underperforming ads and optimize them with the right tactics.
  • Campaign optimization ensures your GDN targeting is streamlined. We will review your ads placement on Google display network sites and remove ads from underperforming pages so that you don’t waste your ad spend on unprofitable ad sites.

Is your campaign not yielding expected results? Share your problems with us. We might have a solution. Whether it is an old GDN ad campaign or a campaign that we made, we will optimize it so that it yields results that align with your marketing objectives.


The Digital Address: Your Google Display Network Ads Agency


We have dedicated our services to provide Google advertising for small business and established ones alike. Our team is committed to not only managing your GDN ads campaign but taking it to newer heights.

If you are not sure about advertising on Google Display Network ads or have any confusion, feel free to gives us a call or drop us a text. Our Google ads consultant will be happy to assist you.

Reach out to us! Let’s start generating revenue with Google Display Network Ads.