There are two ways to launch your store online. The hard way and the smart way. Our Shopify agency helps you become an established Shopify merchant the smart way. We offer comprehensive Shopify website development services to sculpt a Shopify website that is engaging, converting and ranking.

Your One Stop Shopify Agency: The Digital Address


The digital address is a seasoned Shopify development company with expertise in everything you need to launch and successfully run a Shopify store.


Our Shopify Web designer is a front and back end web development expert. We build UX/UI design strategy and optimize your Shopify Web design for conversion, and session duration. We have a dedicated team for coding customization in your Shopify theme to align your website appearance with your brand personality and business objectives.


The Website development strategy at our Shopify agency is data-driven. We apply meaningful insights to drive traffic to your store that converts.

We have expertise in creating a Shopify Website. Our Shopify Development services include the following services:

Why Does Our Shopify Agency Offer Shopify Web Development?


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that garners the trust of around 1 million businesses. Its mission is to provide ease for everyone when it comes to eCommerce. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a custom Shopify website:


  • Big companies like Tesla Motors, Kylie Cosmetics, Sephora, and thousands of other businesses trust Shopify when it comes to eCommerce.
  • Shopify web development costs a fraction of the price of custom web hosting.
  • Majority of eCommerce traffic comes from smart phone users and Shopify websites are pre-optimized for mobile browsing.
  • Shopify offers custom web design, which when used smartly by a Shopify agency, translates into increased conversions.
  • Shopify is safe when it comes to customer’s confidential data. The transaction information is end-to-end encrypted which eliminates your customer’s security concerns.
  • It has a storefront renderer (SFR) exclusively designed to minimize load times.
  • Shopify is scalable to meet your business’s growing demands. It has a cloud-based infrastructure that promises 99% uptime.
  • With a little help from a Shopify development company, you can take your online business idea from concept to success through Shopify.

Custom Shopify Website Design


75% users will determine whether your store is credible or not based on its website design. Therefore, you may want to hire a Shopify web designer to handle your stores website design and development while you focus on other important aspects of your business.


  • Your Shopify store can rank first on SERP, have the best customer support and great price. But if it is weak in web design, the customers will never stay.
  • High quality product images, coherence in typography and branding are all critical to online eCommerce success and Shopify web design is a great way to reflect consistency that adds value.
  • With a Shopify web designer, you can create a custom Shopify website that is engaging, drives conversion and generates revenue.


Our Shopify agency enjoys blending creativity with Shopify website development. We provide our clients with a custom Shopify website that is made to achieve their business objectives.


Shopify has hundreds of themes to choose from. Our web designer will assist you in choosing a theme that best complements your brand’s personality.


For customization in built-in themes, we have dedicated Shopify website developer with sound knowledge of Liquid. We will modify the Shopify code so the theme runs shoulder-to-shoulder with your business goals.


In case you don’t want to compromise your uniqueness, get in touch with our Shopify expert who will code a highly customized, conversion-centered Shopify theme to complement your unique business ventures.


Engaging UX and UI Design for Shopify Website


88% consumers say they won’t return to a website after having a bad user experience. When considering Shopify website development, you need to ensure you have a bounce-proof UX strategy polished with an interactive user interface to be able to divert your site traffic towards conversion.


  • 38% customers may bounce on to your competitor’s website if they find your Shopify web design unattractive or difficult to maneuver through. Therefore, investing in UI is of key importance if minimizing bounce rates is your goal.
  • A neatly structured UX design leads to ease of use which translates into happy customers, and that’s what every eCommerce web design works to achieve.
  • A good UI with a sound UX design at its backend appears aesthetically pleasing for the visitors and inevitably imparts value to your proposition.
  • Poor UI design compromises your brand’s credibility and can cause your sales to plummet.
  • UX influences SEO. Google won’t lead web-browsers to a website that it knows offers a bad user experience. Thus, you can invest thousands of dollars in Ads and marketing, but if you pinch your UX/UI design budget, all your other investments may go in vain.


At our Shopify agency, we understand the influence of UX/UI design for websites. Our Shopify web designer knows how UX and UI define the virtual standing of a brand. Therefore, we invest all our time and resources in developing a sound UX strategy.


Our Shopify page builders communicate with our clients to gather a mood board for their Shopify web design. Then, we develop a UI that is consistent with the brand.


We ensure all the steps that we take in building your UX strategy and crafting a UI design brings you closer to your goal of becoming an affluent Shopify retailer.

Shopify Speed Optimization


47% of customers expect the website to load within two seconds or less. That means two seconds will determine whether a potential customer converts on your website or goes to your competitor and contributes a lead there.


  • Site speed optimization is more important now than ever. Your slow loading website can lose a potential customer to a competitor’s fast loading one.
  • When it comes to eCommerce website designing, every second counts. As page load time goes from one second to five, probability of the visitor bouncing off increases by 90%.
  • Google considers a site’s load time while deciding a websites rank. Thus, if you want your Shopify website to rank, you need to get its load time optimized.
  • Increasing the site load speed by merely a second translates into a discrete increase in the conversion rate of the website.


At our Shopify development company, our Shopify developer considers site load times while making each website. Therefore, we eliminate all the factors that may add unnecessary weight to the website.


Moreover, at our Shopify agency, we know how to strike a balance between important content and site speed. We employ reliable tactics like lossless image compression, lazy image loading and site theme optimization to minimize your website load time and increase your site-visitor satisfaction.


Session Duration Optimization


Session duration defines how long the visitor is active on your website. Optimizing session duration is of key importance because all the web design and development endeavors boil down to making the customers stay on the page and compel them to convert while they are there.


  • Session duration optimization supplements the website with engaging content that drives the consumers towards conversion.
  • It enables Shopify web developers to supplement well-organized, clean content on your website that contributes to great user experience.
  • Session duration optimization helps with the Shopify SEO. An increased session duration signifies that your website is helpful to the users. Search engines tend to rank such websites.
  • Low session duration may signal the search engine that the website is not providing worth to the users and hence it may push the website down in the SERPs.
  • Enhancing session duration is also a key factor when performing CRO.


The Shopify experts at our Shopify agency apply proven strategies that maximize session duration and generate revenue for your business.


At our Shopify development company, we track the right KPIs that point us towards the weak points of your website that our failing to engage visitors. This streamlines our procedure, so we prepare a targeted attack an eliminate the root of all problems.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rate optimization applies proven tactics to maximize the number of visitors that convert on your website. This means it is a powerful weapon that can significantly contribute to your business’s economic success.


  • Optimizing the conversion rate earns your website more customers from the same traffic so you don’t have to spend too many of your resources on customer acquisition.
  • CRO enables you to multiply your revenue without boosting your marketing budget.
  • Strategies for CRO inevitably enhance your websites UX/UI design, minimizes its load time thus, it is one step solution to multiple site issues.
  • If you don’t optimize your site for conversion, no matter how much traffic your site receives, it will be profitless for your business.


Our Shopify development company is committed to ensure maximum conversion on your website. We don’t believe in guess work but employ smart KPI tools and CRM applications that guide our CRO strategy.


Our Shopify agency has a step-by-step CRO approach. It commences with understanding your target audience and is driven by data and analytics that lead us to optimizing your Shopify web design. Our plan ascertains that people enter your store as visitors and leave as customers.

Shopify SEO


Google’s first SERP garners 71% of clicks from the search traffic. This means, if your Shopify store fails to rank on the first page, it might never reach your intended audience.


  • Adequate Shopify SEO is what guides the people who matter to your Shopify store.
  • You can have a great UX/UI design, perfect strategy in place to drive site visitors to conversion but if your Shopify store fails to rank, you will have no visitors to drive to conversion and impress with your immaculate UX/UI.
  • Shopify SEO is free advertising. When your webpage ranks on the first page, it automatically becomes visible to your target audience. Thus, when you invest in sound SEO services, you get effective advertisement as a bonus.
  • The rank of your Shopify store on SERP also contributes to the perceived value of your products. Thus, when you are ranking with sound Shopify SEO services, customers know your brand has some ascendancy before they even interact with the website.


The Digital Address is a Shopify agency that offers Shopify SEO services as a part of their Shopify website development.


At our Shopify development company, we don’t iterate, we apply tactics that are proven to help websites rank on SERPs. Our Shopify strategy is built around seamless incorporation of high search volume keywords which guide the search engines to your site.


Third Party Tools Integration


Another factor that makes Shopify a suitable eCommerce hosting platform is it offers built-in tools for CRM and KPIs. But third party tools integration give a deeper insight into the data that, if used right, has the capability of making your sales surge.


  • Analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, help you gather critical customer interaction data that can shape your future marketing and UX strategy.
  • Integration of Email Marketing tools enable retailers send post-purchase emails and special offers that helps business’s stay on top of their customer’s mind.
  • Loyalty systems integrate with your Shopify store and convert your buyers into loyal customers by motivating them to continue purchasing to earn loyalty points and great discounts.
  • The most important tool is the payment gateway integration which protects customer data and minimizes load times.


Our Shopify Agency is committed to not only delivering a fully-functional Shopify store, but because we strive to see our client’s business expand, our Shopify expert teams hand-pick the most suitable third-party tools and integrate them with your website to help you monitor important metrics, communicate with your customers, and foster healthy B2C relationships.

Exclusive Post-Launch Training by Our Shopify Agency Experts


We are not just Shopify store builders; we are partnership builders. After we deliver fully functional Shopify store, we arrange an hour long onboarding call with our clients to walk them through the backend working of their store.


Our Shopify expert team bids our clients farewell with a guide-videos that enable them to use data from the analytical tools for their benefit.


Our Shopify agency has a special post-launch training program where our Shopify developer team explains the backend of your Shopify theme. We walk our clients through the UX and UI of your Shopify store and guide them enough so they can adjust their layout independently.


Your One-Stop Shopify Agency


The Digital Address is a Shopify agency that offers everything that you need for an eCommerce website design and development. We have seasoned Shopify web designer, Shopify Website developer, and Shopify SEO experts.


  • Our Shopify web designer will design custom Shopify website.
  • We offer back end web development to edit Shopify themes or curate a theme from ground-up to fit our client’s unique requirements.
  • Our Shopify store builders will develop a comprehensive UX/UI strategy.
  • We have dedicated front end web development services for creating interactive UI.
  • Our UX development strategy is based on five critical components; we draw-out a plan, do research, analyze results, design prototype, and test it. Once successful, we proceed with the UX development.
  • All our strategies, from UX design strategy, CRO strategy, to session duration optimization strategy, are data-driven.
  • We analyze data sourced from industry-standard KPIs and CRM tools.
  • Our Shopify development company also offers Shopify SEO services to help your Shopify store be visible to people who are searching for it.
  • The SEO experts at out web development agency apply all the Shopify SEO best practices, including optimizing title tag, meta description and URL to make your website rank on the SERP.
  • Our Shopify web development team applies sound tactics to minimize your site load time without compromising on the content quality.
  • We have dedicated content management teams that work to enhance your Shopify webstore’s session duration by incorporating interactive content.
  • We don’t abandon our clients after launching their websites. Our Shopify expert team knows of the best third-party tools that define the success of a Shopify store.
  • We will integrate the most useful KPIs and CRM tools so your future strategies can be data-driven too.
  • Finally, our team arranges one-hour long onboarding call and videos to help you manage your Shopify store independently.

Let’s Build Your Shopify Empire

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