Your competitors may already be tapping into the potential of social media because more than 70% of growing businesses are promoting their products across social channels.  Let our social media management company help you leverage the power of social media.

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Why Do You Need a Professional Social Media Management Service?

Strengthening the foundations of your brand on social media goes beyond just publishing a few posts, reacting to some comments, and replying to a few messages. It is a complex plan for driving traffic, proliferating conversions, and generating leads.

Our social media management company will

  • Develop a sound social media management strategy that will guide your marketing plan.
  • Help your brand derive maximum benefits from social media.
  • Enhance audience interaction with your posts.
  • Raise brand awareness and channel your brand’s message to a wider audience.
  • Build a community of your people who will support you into becoming a prosperous business.
  • Allocate marketing milestones and endeavor to achieve them.
  • Keep your social media handles up to date with the latest trends.
  • Monitor useful social media metrics for your brand and incorporate them to build a focused social media strategy.

The Digital Address comprises a team of social media strategists who will incorporate their knowledge into developing a management strategy for you. Moreover, our team will apply useful insights to manifest the plans into your business’s success.

The services that our social media management company offers include:

Social Marketing Management Strategy Development

All established brands approach social media marketing with a strategy. Your social media management strategy is a guide map for your brand’s journey across all your social handles.

  • A strong social media strategy is what ultimately translates into a successful social marketing campaign.
  • A comprehensive social marketing management strategy highlights the goals and objectives that your brand endeavors to achieve via social media.
  • Your social media strategy will determine how much and how well you leverage the potential of social media.
  • It determines what kind of content your social handles will publish and when.
  • A well-built social media strategy will also determine which platform will be the most suitable for marketing your brand.
  • Social media management strategy also requires you to build your buyer’s persona so you can shape your content according to the preferences of your audience.

At our social media management company, we believe in crafting a comprehensive social marketing management strategy that guides our client’s business towards success. We develop an all-encompassing social media management plan that doubles as a content strategy as well as a broad schedule that defines what goes live when.

Social Media Page Setup and Design

54% of people research a product on social media before making a purchase. The brand’s social appearance guides their buying decision. Thus, how your brand appears on social media is a key factor because it can drive traffic to your eCommerce platform and enable you to generate some great leads.

  • Your social handle is another avenue where your business has to maintain consistency in branding.
  • It is the first thing that a potential customer comes across. Hence, the design of your social media page can make or break your business.
  • The design of a brand’s social media page defines the brand’s worth. If done well, it can render great value to your brand.

Most social media platforms like Facebook don’t let you customize the layout of your business page. However, at our social media management company, our creative team comes up with innovative ways to play with the rigid user interface. We design social pages and make them look contemporary and interactive.

Content Drafting and Scheduling

A successful social marketing management strategy is defined by consistency in content publishing time and the quality of content. You can publish any number of posts in a week. But if you are not crafting exceptional content, you will fail to engage an audience and reach your marketing milestones.

  • Captivating social media posts published at regular intervals are imperative to keep the audience engaged. A content calendar is a must for brands to keep their marketing strategy aligned with their schedule.
  • Well drafted social content is a great channel to provide value to your audience, which they are constantly looking for.
  • Social content is also a great source of incorporating some variety in your feed which can enliven your feed and save it from appearing monotonous.
  • A social content calendar gives you a birds-eye view of your social marketing management strategy. It keeps your social endeavors aligned with your marketing campaign.

At our social media management company, we craft original content for each of our client’s social media. Our social media management team is capable of blending variety in your social media content to keep your audience engaged. We also specialize in building a practical content calendar and help our client’s social marketing strategy stay on track.

Our social media management packages include animations for Facebook and Instagram posts and engaging stories for these platforms. Moreover, we have specialist content planners who know how to keep a brand’s followers engaged and retrieve useful insights with interactive social posts and stories featuring options for feedback and suggestions.

Social Media Community Management

71% of people are likely to recommend a brand to their friends and family after having a positive experience on their social media. So, your marketing strategy must not stay restricted to posting on your social handles. To generate good leads, a brand must endeavor to cater to their community with effective social media community management.

  • Social media community management involves staying in on conversations regarding your brand, keeping an eye on complaints, moderating negative comments, and catering to constructive feedback.
  • Consumers are tired of interacting with robots. They want a human to listen to their complaints, grievances, and feedbacks. Social media community management humanizes your brand.
  • Effective community management capitalizes on empathy which wins the brand loyal customers.
  • A single ignored complaint can render all your efforts futile and ruin your social reputation.

At our social media management company, we understand the importance of social media community management. Therefore, our social media management packages include a community management program.

In this program, our team of community managers will surveil virtual conversations concerning your brand. Additionally, we will manage your inbox to provide excellent customer service and ensure that not even a single complaint goes unnoticed.

Moreover, our team will also endeavor to moderate any comments that are offensive and may hurt the sentiments of your community.

All in all, The Digital Address will provide a human voice to your virtual presence that your customers crave.

Monitoring Social Media Analytics

Marketing your brand in the social arena is tough. It is competitive and has no margin for trial and error. Thus, in the field of social marketing management, only those businesses succeed whose every step is backed by meticulous calculations and intricate analytical data.

  • Monitoring social media analytics helps you understand the pattern of content performance on social media.
  • It streamlines your content strategy and eliminates trial and error.
  • It gives you data regarding how well a post has done in terms of reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions.
  • SMA also helps brands to keep an eye on how well their competitor’s content strategy is coming out.

Our social media marketing company understands how important data analytics are to the rise or fall of a business. Therefore we employ smart tools to keep a check on all our client’s social media content to paint a clear picture of what strategy needs intensification and which one needs to go.

How is Our Social Media Management Service Helping Brands?

We know you are busy but having an established online presence is important for the success of any business, therefore, we have devised comprehensive social media management packages to share the workload with our clients.

  • We will research your target audience, build a buyer persona, and develop a streamlined social marketing management strategy for your business brand.
  • With our Facebook Management services, we will design your brand’s profile picture and cover page, create content for your brand’s ‘about us’ section, and update contact information.
  • The creative content creators will draft engaging social graphics for your social pages.
  • Our social media management agency also has an Instagram management service which includes Instagram profile setup and promotion and launch posts to keep your new followers on edge with curiosity.
  • Our social media management company will collaborate with influencers and create content to promote word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The Digital Address’s social media management service also includes empathetic social media community management that humanizes your brand and connects your brand and your audience on an emotional level.
  • We have the most adept of tools to gather social media insights and generate an analytics report. Based on this report, we will help our clients craft a successful content strategy.
  • In our social media management package, we will also develop a content calendar for your brand to help your marketing tactics stay aligned with your content strategy.
  • The rates for our social media management also include Facebook GIFs, engaging social graphics, hashtag research, trend analysis, metric monitoring, and much more.
  • We have expertise on all social platforms. We will determine what platform will best promote your content.
  • Our social media management pricing reflects the time, efforts, and value we invest in our work with only one aim-to see our client’s business succeed.


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