People are now watching videos on social media more than ever. 76% marketers claim explainer video in their social media marketing campaign has helped them increase sales. Why don’t you invest in the idea and be among those that have left their competitors behind?

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starting from $250 only
$50 for additional 15 seconds
  • For Simple and Plain Videos and Cuts
  • Models Charged Extra Per Hour
  • Basic Sound and Audio

Advanced 15 Sec.

starting from $350 only
$150 for additional 15 seconds
  • With Advanced Cuts and Shot Setups
  • Hand Modelling Included, Multiple Video Resolutions
  • Voice Over and Sound Editting Included

Premium 30 Sec.

starting from $650 only
$200 for additional 15 seconds
  • For Social Media Ads. and More
  • Various Advanced Cuts, Transitions, and Typographic Animations
  • Produced For Greater Details and Attention of Viewers

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Why Is Explainer Video Production On Social Media Important?


Businesses that market on social media have seen a 27% increase in CTR. Additionally, they have observed a 34% increase in their conversion rate. This is the power of social media.


  • Millions of people are watching social media videos every day.
  • Blending your brand’s explainer video between these social media videos is a perfect way to raise brand awareness, invoke consideration and generate conversion.
  • In today’s day and age, when people turn to social media to learn more about a brand, having a consistent social media presence is of key importance.
  • Social media Explainer video strengthens your social media presence more than any other format of content.
The Digital Address is an experienced video production company. Our proficiency reflects in the video advertisements that we produce. We blend art and science of Commercial video production that manifests in the form of our client’s success.

Staying eminent on social media can be grueling for businesses. Every social media platform has different requirements and guidelines for advertising videos.


Whether you want to market on Facebook and Instagram or want to go all out and use all social media platforms for promoting your brand, we will provide explainer videos for all your social media handles according to each platform’s specific requirements.


Facebook And Instagram Marketing Video Production


Marketing is no longer restricted to the bounds of TV and print media. It is getting dynamic day-by-day. To keep up with the change, marketers are capitalizing on Facebook and Instagram’s explainer video advertisement feature to maximize their brand exposure and generate qualified leads.


  • 64% consumers are of the opinion that a brand’s Facebook explainer video influence their purchasing decision from that brand.
  • People watch at least one hour of Facebook videos every week and Instagram has millions of active users. Thus, marketing your products or launching your brand on these platforms can play pivotal role in the success of your business.


The Digital Address is a video production company specializing in Facebook and Instagram explainer video production. We have a thorough understanding of each platform’s unique video ad format. So we deliver videos that are ready-to-upload and dedicated to a particular platform.


Animated Explainer Video And Advertisement For Facebook And Instagram Stories


Advertisers around the globe are capitalizing on Facebook and Instagram story advertisement because they are prompt and appealing with a convenient and piquing CTA.


  • 62% people say that they become more interested in a brand after seeing it’s ad in a story.
  • Instagram and Facebook stories feature an effective CTA with a ‘swipe up’ option which significantly raises CTR and effectively increases conversion rates
  • Plays between stories. So, if tempting enough, it can multiply your brand reach and make your target audience more aware of your services or products.


Our video production agency specialises in story ad production. Let us help you build effective story advertisements and animated explainer video production that is sure to make your customers halt and engage with your content.

Viral Marketing Video Production And Idea Generation For TikTok


TikTok has 800 million active users and is the latest virtual marketing goldmine. It is relatively new hence not much saturated with marketers at the moment.


  • You can win an edge over your competitors by marketing your brand on TikTok and effectively engaging your target audience with riveting explainer videos.
  • TikTok is known as a trend-setter in the virtual visual space and by aligning your marketing campaign with TikTok’s latest trends, you can multiply your leads and maximize your brand awareness.
  • TikTok has the highest engagement rates. No experienced marketer would want to miss an opportunity of marketing their products or services on a platform that boasts the highest engagement rates.

Don’t have time to keep up with TikTok’s latest trends? That’s what we are here for.

At our commercial video production company, we keep up with all that is happening on TikTok. Reach out to us with your idea, or even if you don’t have an idea, just give us a call and the creative heads at our video production company will generate innovative ideas and together we will turn the ideas into an explainer video advertisement that soars high in terms of interaction and CTR.

LinkedIn Marketing Video Production


LinkedIn is for professionals and hosts more than 600 million professionals around the globe. Thus, if your target audience belongs to the corporate sector and you are not marketing on LinkedIn, you are shutting down a wide and effective marketing window.


  • LinkedIn audience wants to engage with rich content, with LinkedIn video ads, you can show them how your product or service would add value to their personal and professional life.
  • Marketing on LinkedIn promises a prompt ROI by multiplying your conversions and driving successful leads.
  • Using video ads smartly on LinkedIn will raise your brand awareness, maximize CTR and generate quality leads.

Confused about making content that is engaging yet audience focused and fits well with the professional ambience of LinkedIn? The Digital Address knows all about LinkedIn marketing. We will provide you with an Ad that will blend in with your target audience’s newsfeed and standout from all the static posts and Ads thus capturing attention within seconds.

YouTube Video Advertisement/ YouTube Explainer Video Production


Viewers are 2x more likely to engage with a brand and contribute to conversions after seeing the brand’s YouTube Ad.


  • 70% consumers are of view that YouTube Marketing is great for brand awareness. That means people want to see you there. Give them what they want and maximize your conversions by effectively marketing on YouTube.
  • YouTube borrows search information from Google. Therefore, it is a platform that will convey your Brand’s message to the people searching for you. Make sure to use captivating words, visuals, and audios to make an impact on people who matter.
  • Adding personal touch to Ads is important because it humanizes your business, and that’s what people want. YouTube explainer videos, if made right, will personify your brand and it is paramount because you don’t want people just to know about your brand, you want them to connect with it.


At our commercial video production company, we will develop your buyer persona. Our team will work with you to develop your YouTube video ad that will engage the people who are important for your business and convey your message to them in an emphatic way.

Snapchat Video Advertisement/ Snapchat Marketing Video Production


More than 200 million people use Snapchat everyday and brands that are not advertising on this social platform are losing valuable prospects.


  • Snapchat is a great platform for driving your marketing campaign that translates into brand awareness, consideration or conversion.
  • Snapchat video Ads are simple, quick, and effective and are capable of driving massive traffic to your Shopify, Amazon, or eBay webstore.
  • You can engage your prospects with encaptivating SC commercials or story Ads.
  • With Snapchat collection Ads, you can effectively demonstrate up to four products to your potential buyers.

Snapchat necessitates that your video and story Ad must be short and very specific yet able to convey the most important aspects of your business to effectively engage prospects.


The Digital Address has a team that focuses on Snapchat explainer video production. Our video production company will ensure that your explainer video is audience-focused, short yet compelling and effectively introduces your brand, generates qualified leads and multiply your conversions.

How We Are Helping Our Clients:

  • Our video production process is simple. We understand the brand, research the target audience, curate compelling content, and then shoot the video ad.

  • Then we add the finishing touch by adding voice over or an entrancing soundtrack, which ever you like best.

  • Planning is the most important part of video production. Our video production company has creative teams dedicated to brainstorming explainer video concepts.

  • We are experienced in copy and content writing, so we will manage your video’s typography too.

  • Our video production company has the best of cameras, professional lighting setup and voiceover equipment, so all our videos are professionally shot, and video script? We will do that too.

  • Our team does not waste our client’s time and money with trial-and-error Ads. We make the perfect Ad in the first time.

  • We will help you develop your buyer persona, so your message gets to the right recipients. At The Digital Address, we love approval. Our team invests great time and efforts in our work with only one aim-to see our clients satisfied with what we deliver.


 Don’t know how to maneuver through the intricacies of social media marketing?


Just give us a call or leave us a message and we will guide you as best as we can.


We believe in building partnership. Reach out to us and let’s take your business to newer heights with effective product explainer video advertisement.