A product that has its product video is 35% more likely to sell.  A skilled video production service can help you generate great leads and multiply your conversion rates on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for?
-> Amazon product video organically engages viewers with your brand by combining audio and visuals into a well-crafted clip.
-> 73% businesses have observed that videos significantly enhance marketing and effectively generate ROI.
-> Buying decisions are emotion-driven. You can nurture an emotional bond with your customers by narrating your brand’s story through your product video.
You need a professional video production service to assist you in producing a phenomenal product video for your Amazon Store. We are committed to creating compelling videos that are sure to win more sales. Our Amazon video production service includes

Basic 15 Sec. Video

starting from $350 only
min. order $350
  • Finished & Edited Video as Per Amazon Guideline
  • Simple Text Included
  • 4-5 Different Clips / Angles Included

Advanced 15 Sec. Video

starting from $550 only
min. order $350
  • All In Basic + 
  • Advanced Infographics Included
  • 8-10 Angles / Uses Included

Premium 30 Sec. Video

starting from $750 only
min. order $350
  • All In Advanced + 
  • Complex Products + Advanced Editting
  • Voice Overs + Hand Model Included

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Amazon’s SBV Advertisement Production


Amazon sponsors its sellers with a brand video advertisement that enables them to increase their CTRs and maximize conversions.


  • Sponsored brand video appears on the first page when people search for relevant products.
  • The click through ratio (CTR) for Amazon sponsored brand video Advertisements hovers around 1%, which is significantly higher than the average 0.4% for other sponsored products Ads.
  • Conversion rates for sponsored brand videos are markedly higher than sponsored product. People who view your video advertisement are 144% more likely to buy your product.
  • Amazon’s SBV Advertisements appear on the first SERP, thus it supplements your brand with substantial exposure and effectively creates brand awareness.
  • Sponsored brand video advertisement for Amazon leads to increased conversion rates and happier customers which ultimately results in better ranking.

However, sponsored brand video is not something businesses can manage on their own. Moreover, Amazon may not even approve a video content for its sponsored brand video campaign if it does not fall within its guidelines.

We blend our understanding of amazon’s guidelines with our inherent creativity and adroit video production to create an outstanding video advertisement for Amazon’s sponsored brand video campaign.


Apart from marketing your existing catalogue, you can also maximise the exposure for your new product with a product launch video that appears on the first SERP with adept strategies from our video marketing company.

Product Page Video Production For Amazon


90% of the buyers claim that product videos drive their buying decision. Competition is getting tougher on Amazon and attention span smaller. In such scenario, you need an Amazon product video to engage your prospects with your products and generate more sales.


  • Product demo video assists your customers like a salesperson would and thoroughly elaborate the key aspects of your product.
  • 84% of the buyers buy a product after they have seen an elaborative product video. This figure effectively suggests how an amazon product video directly translates into enhanced conversion rates.
  • By Augmenting your Amazon’s product listing with a comprehensive and precise product video, you can effectively build your brand narrative and enhance customer engagement.
  • Customers want you to comprehend their needs. Amazon Product video is your way of showing your customers that you perceive their needs and adapt your products to them.
  • Buyer’s decision when comparing two products boils down to choosing the brand that offers better product explanation. Thus, product explainer video on your product page gives you an edge above your competitor.
  • Amazon product video adds value to your brand and imparts an authenticity to your products justifying their selling price.

The Digital Address’s Video Production Service

The Digital Address is an exquisite Amazon video production service. Our team is well-versed with product videos for marketing on Amazon and specializes in Amazon’s most recent advertisement endeavor, the SBV advertisement.

  • We find the perfect balance between lighting, staging, typography and enthralling sound effects.
  • We fuse our ingenuity with the information you provide and create an amazon product video that will boost your conversion rates and increase your CTR exponentially.
  • Our Amazon video production service involves everything from consultation to shooting and editing.
  • Our team conducts thorough client reconnaissance to evaluate your target audience, objectives and thus create a video that maximizes your profit and minimizes bounce rates.
  • We not only shoot videos for your products, but packages from our video production service includes copy writing, content writing and post production services.
  • We are very mindful of the stringent acceptance criteria for video content for amazon’s SBV advertisement and product videos. So, files that we deliver are ready to be dragged, dropped and uploaded on your Amazon seller profile.

Our video production service personalises each video to the brand.


We want to get to know your business better. So, let’s get in touch so we can understand your brand personality and incorporate bits of your brand into the amazon product video or SBV that we make.