Millions of stores online are using WordPress for eCommerce because of its smart CMS and streamlined eCommerce plugin.
With our web development services, The Digital Address is striving to strengthen all big and small businesses with WordPress for eCommerce.

Why Are We Offering WordPress Web Development Services?


At our website development company, we do our utmost to give our clients the very best. WordPress is the most powerful content management system there is. With our web development services, we work to enable our clients leverage its benefits and rise above their competitors with these plus points:


  • WordPress has its own eCommerce extension, WooCommerce. It integrates seamlessly with WP’s CMS and provides efficient eCommerce features with WordPress’s ease of use.
  • WooCommerce is currently helping 30% of all the online stores succeed in the business world. With our web development services, we want your store to be among the successful ones.
  • It has thousands of plugins that, when used efficiently by a WordPress expert, can expand the functionality of your eCommerce website to accommodate all your business endeavors.
  • WordPress is an open-source CMS. That means it is highly customizable. An efficient WordPress developer should be able to develop the entire store from scratch, according to your preferences.
  • Security is the biggest concern when it comes to eCommerce. WordPress has a vast community of developers who work to make it a safe virtual space.
  • Getting your eCommerce website made from a website development company means you are aiming to attract massive traffic. WordPress websites are scalable to accommodate large number of visitors.
  • A great portion of eCommerce traffic comes from mobile. WordPress being a platform often used by online retailers, is pre-optimized for mobile UI.

The Digital Address: Your WordPress Website Development Company


We are a team of WordPress website developers. Our expertise lies in custom web design, theme customization and development.


Our website development company exists to make online shopping enjoyable for every customer. Therefore, we observe customer behavior and apply this knowledge in designing a comprehensive UX and an interactive UI.


We thrive on our client’s satisfaction. So, our web development services are wholesome. We develop a WordPress website, optimize it for performance, conversion and SEO and deliver to our clients a product that is ready to take their business to newer heights.


Don’t know where to start? Contact us and our WordPress expert will assist you. We can start working on your website right from the start or our web development agency will redesign your existing website to help you achieve your sales and marketing objectives.


Confused about Web domain and hosting? Our web design company will assist you in selecting the right domain for your eCommerce site. We also Cloud Web Hosting service that can correspond with your sites performance capabilities. The best part? We offer 3-month free web hosting after you trust us with your website development!

Custom WordPress Web Development Services


A badly designed website damages your brand’s authenticity. Your website is like your store in the online mall. It has to stay consistent with your branding, speak your brand’s voice and represent your brand’s personality. How? With custom web design.


  • Consistency imparts value to your proposition. In custom web design and development, your website is created to keep your business coherent with the branding.
  • Custom WordPress themes are versatile. They can be developed to expand their functionality and include features that best complement your business.
  • Custom web design is safer. Seasoned WordPress Developers will code to keep hackers and intruders from wreaking havoc on your site.
  • A Custom-themed site is a well-designed site, and the sites that are designed to please customers rank well on the SERPs.

At our WordPress website development company:

  • We assist our clients in choosing a pre-made WP theme.
  • We have expertise in HTML, CSS, and PHP. For clients who want to build a store that is unique to their business brand, our adept WordPress developers develop the theme from scratch.
  • We understand the importance of home-page banners for eCommerce websites. Therefore our custom web development services include home page banner design.
  • Our WordPress developer team codes a custom website that is scalable, secure, and stable.
  • If you already have website but you are not getting the desired results, we will identify the underlying issues and redesign the website for you.
  • WordPress is customizable and we maximize its potential with our PHP web development services.


Ecommerce Website UX And UI Designing


There are three things that can define the worth of your website in a prospect’s eyes. Accessibility. Usability. Satisfaction. Investing in an enhanced UX and UI design guarantees that your website is helpful, useful, and valuable for each visitor.


  • Investing in UX generates increased revenue. A well thought out UX design leads to a good customer experience and majority of the buyers are willing to pay more in exchange for a good CX.
  • You can leverage your UI design to engage customers with your content.
  • An interactive UI that is designed strategically can eliminate friction in the shopping funnel and lead to a surge in sales.
  • UX and UI also influence SEO. Search engines have their own UX at stake, so they rank only those websites that offer great user experience.

At our website development company, we understand the importance of UX/UI design for eCommerce development. Therefore, we develop UX/UI with the user in mind.

With our web development services:

  • We develop an engaging and intuitive UX/UI design that helps your website rank.
  • We perform a thorough audience analysis to discover the barriers in the buyer journey.
  • Our WordPress expert team develops a strategic plan to mitigate problems that cause friction the shopping funnel.
  • Our web development firm collects buyer behavior information. We then build a UX strategy based on this information.
  • Our dedicated WordPress web developer team creates an attractive architecture of the website that can assist the potential buyer in every step of his/her journey.
  • We cover this architecture with our creativity and design a user interface that is aesthetically pleasing, engaging and drives conversion.
  • Our WordPress developer team ensures optimum web performance by using appropriate coding languages and leveraging UI.

Search Engine Optimisation For WordPress


Optimising for search engines is especially important for eCommerce websites because they want to be visible to people who are looking for them. After all, it is pointless to invest in a business that the buyers can’t even see.


  • SEO drives brand awareness. Effective search engine optimization gives your business the visibility it deserves in the online world.
  • SEO is bonus advertisement. Investing in a search engine optimization by hiring website developers to perform SEO for your webpage saves your funds from draining out in marketing.
  • When your website is optimized for search engines, it receives organic traffic which leads to increased conversion and a surge in revenue.
  • It displays your website to people who are looking for you. So you get a highly specific web traffic that is interested in your proposition.


At our WordPress development company, the time and efforts we invest in UX/UI, CRO and site speed optimization will be futile if we don’t optimize our product for SEO. Therefore, our web development services include:


  • Dedicated SEO services to help your website rank on the first SERPs.
  • Utilization of industry-standard tools to optimize our product so that it ranks among the organic search results.
  • Optimization of Title tag, meta description, and images so we are leaving nothing on the table in terms of SEO.
  • Keyword search to discover high search volume keywords and incorporate them in the content to attract web crawlers.
  • We optimize your website’s URL to make it web-crawler friendly.
  • Our content hierarchy is SEO-friendly. We know what the search engines look for when crawling the web and we put that on top for them to see.
  • We follow the W3C standards while coding our websites, so the SEs know that your eCommerce website is authentic.

WordPress Website Load Time Acceleration


People who click on your website expect it to load in three seconds or less. If it fails, the visitors will bounce off to the next best option- your competitor.


  • Slow loading websites cost online retailers a loss worth billions of Dollars. You can multiply your ROI by consulting an efficient web design and development company for site speed optimization.
  • Google factors Web load time in its ranking Algorithm. All your investment in SEO and UX/UI will go in vain if the site isn’t optimized to load fast.
  • Website load time is also an integral component of the user experience. In fact, it is the first feature of a website’s performance that the users come across.

Slow loading websites frustrate us too. Therefore, at our website development company, we do everything within our resources to ensure optimum site speed in all our web design and development projects.

  • Our WordPress web developer team knows major contributors to a slow load time are heavy images. Therefore, we employ tactics like lossless compression when optimizing a website for load time.
  • A badly written code also leads to a lagging website. Our website programmer integrates all the necessary steps when coding a WordPress theme to ensure discrepancies in codes do not defer site load time.
  • The WordPress website development team at our company spots unnecessary lines in the back end code of a website and minify the HTML and CSS to upgrade website speed.
  • Our products have high pagespeed scores. After we are done with the WordPress web application development, we check the websites performance with Google Pagespeed insights.
  • Unnecessary plugins take a toll on websites load time. While performing eCommerce web design on WordPress, we keep only the most important plugins and remove all the unnecessary ones.

WordPress CRO


Conversion rate is a deal breaker for eCommerce retailers. High conversions mean greater revenue. But do you know your website could be lacking in certain parts and loosing important conversions? This is where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) comes in.


  • CRO ensures that the traffic your website receives is valuable to your business.
  • CRO best practices reduce the cost on customer acquisition and drive your existing web traffic towards conversion.
  • Having a website that is not optimized for conversion means that you are leaving money on the table for your competitors.
  • Conversion rate optimization requires strategic UI and a well-mapped UX. Which means optimizing for conversion also enhances your UX/UI design.

Our website development company works to ensure success of our client’s business. That’s why, CRO is an integral part of our web development services.

  • CRO has some best practices. Our website developers apply all these best practices during web design process to ensure maximum number of site visitors convert.
  • Our conversion rate optimization strategy is data-driven. We use tools to collect website usability data, analyze it and apply our findings to streamline our CRO plan.
  • The UX that we design is aimed at driving your site traffic towards conversion, hence contributing to CRO.
  • Our WordPress developer team optimizes conversion rates and strategically leverages UI to nudge consumers towards conversion.
  • The team of website developers at our WordPress development company puts in time to understand the conversion funnel and apply tactics to eliminate funnel friction.

WordPress Plugin Integration


The biggest advantage of WordPress as a CMS is its flexibility. It has thousands of plugins that integrate with it and not only expand its functionality, but also enhance the website performance.


  • WooCommerce is a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin that is made for WordPress eCommerce.
  • WooCommerce has its own payment gateway plugins to mitigate any problems with the payment.
  • WordPress has many plugins for image compression and browser caching. These plugins are extremely useful for enhancing web performance.
  • There is an AMP plugin for optimizing mobile site speed.
  • WordPress has plugins dedicated to boosting conversions and prompting site visitors for email subscriptions.

Our web development services include supplementary plugin integration to ensure that your website keeps performing optimally for many years to come.

  • We will integrate plugins that are made by renowned companies so as not to compromise your website’s security.
  • Our WordPress developer team is aware of the toll that a poor plugin can have on your website’s performance. Therefore, with our plugin integration, you can be rest assured that each plugin is the best of the best.
  • Our team of website developers will ensure that there are no unnecessary plugins burdening your website when we deliver it you.
  • Our WooCommerce developer will further ascertain that the plugin is compatible with the payment gateway of your choice.

Third-Party Tools For Data Acquisition


Third-party tools have great potential in enhancing a website’s performance and thus establishing a business in the virtual world. Some of the most important third-party integration for WordPress are:


  • Google Page speed Insights that goes through your website and calculates a pagespeed score. This pagespeed score determines web performance and suggests ways to improve the score.
  • Facebook pixel is another very important tool for brands that advertise their propositions on Facebook. It monitors Facebook Ad conversions, optimizes your Facebook Ad strategy, and helps your deliver your message to a targeted audience.
  • Google Analytics collects all the visitor interaction data from your website and helps you design your future strategies accordingly.
  • Google Ads and Marketing tools that help you advertise your brand efficiently and increase your brand’s reach.


At The Digital Address, all our efforts are aimed at our client’s long-term satisfaction. Therefore, we have incorporated integration of Third-party tools in our web development services.


  • We will integrate Google pagespeed insights, Google analytics and Google Ads and marketing tools so that you don’t have to worry about gaining information about site performance, Ads or visitor behavior.
  • Our WordPress development services also include integrating your website with Facebook pixel so you can cash-in on the benefits of social media marketing. Don’t have a Facebook Ad or can’t understand SMM? Check out our social media marketing services.
  • Need more tools? Tell us about all the applications that you think your website needs, and we will integrate them all.



Stepping into the online world can be overwhelming. Even with a launch-ready website, there are many things that might instill uncertainty in your efforts.


Our clients are important to us, and we don’t like it when they feel uncertain when it comes to eCommerce. Therefore, an hour-long onboarding call and videos on how to handle WordPress’s backend are included in our web development services.


Still confused after the call and videos? We are only a call away.


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