Your content is great, but is it not driving the results you want to see? You know, your content could be the reason behind lost sales opportunities and high bounce rates. Our content marketing services are designed to help you generate consistent, relevant, and premium content to convert all potential buyers into loyal customers.

Marketing your own content can be a little overwhelming. We understand that. That is why, our content marketing team is here to assist you, every step of the way.

Engagement. Awareness. Sales. Content marketing has lots of potential. All you need is an ingenious content marketing team to efficiently tap into its potential, use it to your advantage, and take your brand to the top, where it belongs.

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Why Invest in Content Marketing?

86% of established organizations have handed their content marketing over to the professionals. That means your high-ranking competitor is already investing in content marketing and is ahead of you.

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons why your competitors are investing in content marketing:

  • With content marketing, businesses experience 6x higher conversion rates. Content marketing not only drives conversions but fuels them. With our smart content marketing strategies, your business can be among those that see a surge in their conversions.
  • Content marketing builds trust. It establishes your brand as the market leader. Stay on top of your customer’s minds and become their go-to business, with our strategically developed and implemented content marketing campaign.
  • Content marketing is significantly affordable and profitable as compared to other marketing options. Our content marketing prices include everything, from developing a content marketing strategy to optimizing existing content based on their performance.
  • An investment that keeps generating ROI in the long run? That’s content marketing for you. With our content, your brand will get to the top, and stay their generating revenue for your business.
  • Content marketing gives your SEO efforts much need support. Our content strategy focuses on SEO best practices, and the content we create is optimized to rank.
  • It enables you to passively assist your customers through all the stages of their buying journey. No matter what stage you want the content for, our team will research, create, distribute, and optimize it to nudge your prospect towards conversion.

The Digital Address: Innovative Content Marketing Solutions for Your Brand

The Digital Address is a content marketing agency based out of Calgary. We are a team of content strategists, writers, and marketers dedicated to creating content that converts.

We have been in content marketing for some time now. Our experience in this field reflects in our work when our efforts manifest as our client’s success. The best part? We are only a call away from writing about your success.

With our content marketing services, our team will help you with:

Content Marketing Strategy

Our content marketing campaign begins with a strategy we develop according to your unique goals and objectives.

  • Content marketing strategy involves a thorough audience analysis. Our content strategy is built to focus on your target audience.
  • It takes into account keyword research so your content is made to answer your audience’s questions. We perform thorough keyword research and develop your content plan accordingly.
  • Competitor analysis is a part of content strategy. We track the activities of your top-performing competitors and adapt your strategy accordingly so you can stay ahead of everyone in your industry.
  • The content marketing strategy also determines the KPIs for your unique marketing goals. Our team of content strategists chooses the right KPIs and we develop content to drive those metrics.
  • Consistency is key when posting content and having a content strategy streamlines the content publishing schedule. Our content strategy includes a content calendar, so your brand appears regularly and consistently on the target user’s feed.

With our content strategy, we map out your path towards reaching your business milestones. Our content strategy is centered around your targeted audience, shaped by top-performing keywords from your industry and boosted by thorough competitor analysis.

Content Creation

60% of marketers have a hard time creating engaging content. But, with the support from our content marketing team, you don’t have to.

  • Content is the focal point of SEO. We have content creators on our team who craft content that is optimized for search engines. So, working with us, you not only get good content but content that ranks.
  • Content has the power to grab audience attention and keep them engaged with your brand. Our team masters the art of crafting content that is engaging yet educating so your message is not missed.
  • Smartly crafted content can help create a bond of trust and reliability between your brand and prospects. Our team creates content that provides a solution. We discern queries and answer them in your content. So when your audience asks the question, you can be there with an answer.
  • Good content is more likely to get shared. Thus, the content has great potential for driving brand awareness. All you need is our team to tap into it and create content that is unique to your brand, speaks your brand’s voice yet gives a message that the audience can’t help but share.

Our team designs and creates each piece of content with the end goal in mind. So that it drives important metrics and brings you closer to your business goals. 

Content Optimization

Content optimization is ensuring that a piece of content has all the right elements to get found. We optimize content to ensure that it matches the user’s search intent and enjoys a greater reach and higher rank.

  • Fresh content ranks higher. With our content optimization services, we will keep your existing content updated so it stays fresh and appears when someone searches for it.
  • Content optimization enhances underperforming content. We will scan your existing content to spot its shortcomings and optimize it to ensure that it drives expected results.
  • Content optimization fuels SEO. By using keywords strategically and optimizing the content’s meta tags, our team ensures that your content gets straight to your target audience.
  • Search engine algorithms change often. But you don’t have to update your content with search engines. We keep ourselves updated with all the search engine’s latest updates and will optimize your content accordingly.
  • Content optimization ensures that your content is relevant to the user’s search intent. We maintain your content’s relevance by continuously searching for relevant high search volume keywords and adapting existing content to them.

Your success is our driving force, that’s why content optimization is a part of our content marketing services. We understand how critical high ranking and valuable content is to generate leads and drive conversions. The content that we create is designed to rank. Drive web traffic and generate revenue.

Content Distribution and Promotion

Right message. Right channel. Right time. These are the three phrases that define our content distribution strategy. We craft an elaborative and concise message. Pick a platform and select a time to take it to your target audience.

  • Content distribution is the epitome of inbound marketing as it takes your message directly to the people who are looking for you. While content promotion gives a boost to your rank and visibility.
  • Content distribution and promotion earns your brand more exposure. Our content distribution plan is different and unique for each of our clients. We implement it to generate more traffic, shares, and revenue for your business. 
  • Distributing content on the right platform is imperative. Because if you have a professional audience but you distribute your content on TikTok, you can’t expect results. Selecting the right platform for content distribution is a part of our content strategy so your content gets the most engagement with the right audience.
  • Consistency in content distribution establishes your brand as the market leader. Our content distribution strategy is driven by a thorough audience analysis, so we know how to distribute your content for it to drive maximum results.

Paid, earned, or owned, whichever content distribution avenue you wish to pursue, you will find our team supporting you with engaging content and strategically developed distribution strategy.

At our content marketing services agency, we also offer paid marketing services in the form of PPC campaigns. If you think that would work better for your brand, then that’s what we’ll do.

Analysis and Reports

We believe in transparency. We want you to see that the resources you are investing with us are generating profitable results. That is why we have a regular analysis and reporting routine in place.

  • Analysis of content performance helps you see how well your content is strategy is aligned with your marketing goals. We assign and monitor the right metrics to check the efficacy of our strategy and document the performance of the content.
  • Tracking the right metrics gives an idea about which type of content on what platform generates good leads. We incorporate the results of performance metrics to include better performing content in your future strategy.
  • Analysis of content performance also shows how well your content distribution and promotion strategy is working. Analysis of KPIs shapes our content distribution strategy. So, your content only goes where it can yield promising results.

Our content marketing strategy is based on tracking the right metrics. So, your content marketing campaign gets progressively better to drive web traffic, generate conversions and multiply revenue.


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