1 million advertisers use paid advertising on Instagram every month. You are losing your customers to your competitors by not tapping into the potential of this social media goldmine. Our Instagram marketing agency is dedicated to helping businesses make the most out of Instagram for business.  This is why we put our heart and soul in our marketing for Instagram services.


Why Invest in Marketing for Instagram?

Customers interact more with visual content and Instagram is a photo-centric platform, which means it has unconfined potential for helping a business establish its sound presence online.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more points to highlight the importance of marketing for Instagram:

  • Instagram just touched the billion-users mark. That means it is great for driving brand awareness and increasing reach.
  • It has the most engaged audience with engagement rates as high as 4%. While Facebook has a post engagement rate of 3.6%
  • Social media marketing on Instagram is always fruitful because it employs a target-based marketing strategy. It shows your Ad to your target audience.
  • Instagram advertising costs are affordable. It works on a PPC model. Once you post your ad, you only pay for clicks, that too a fraction of the money that you earn from each customer.

The Digital Address: Your Instagram Marketing Agency

The Digital Address is an Instagram marketing agency based in Calgary, Canada. We specialize in Social media management, paid advertising on Instagram and all the services to help you succeed in the eCommerce world.

We understand the technicalities of marketing for Instagram. That is why when we say our Instagram marketing agency can help you shape your future on Instagram, we mean it.

Our Instagram advertising costs include Instagram marketing tips for business startups based in Canada and the US. So, whether you are in Canada or next door in the US, we are here for all your Instagram and social media marketing needs.

Our team consists of the best graphic designers, marketing strategists, content writers and social media experts. All in all, we have everything to help you reach new heights with your business through our Instagram marketing strategy.

Our Marketing for Instagram services include:

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram stories provide virtual space for ephemeral content. Moreover, paid advertising on Instagram stories is effective for small and large businesses alike because:

  • 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram stories daily. Therefore, endeavoring to symphonize your ad in between successive stories is a great way to drive brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Instagram story ads provide a very convenient CTA. Viewers only need to swipe up to view your complete proposition. But there’s a condition: Your ad must be captivating.
  • Instagram stories are target audience-centered. Therefore, your message will reach people who are already looking for you.

At our Instagram marketing agency, we blend creativity in our Instagram marketing strategy and understand the format of stories for marketing on Instagram. With our marketing for Instagram services, we will generate spectacular content and present it in a visually appealing way to minimize swipe throughs and maximize conversions.

Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram photo adds are a type of paid ads on Instagram that appear on a user’s feed as sponsored content. These ads have massive potential for driving brand awareness and diverting your Instagram traffic towards your website.

  • Instagram photo ads can be designed to entice your customers towards your products no matter where they are in the shopping funnel.
  • These Ads are focused on your target audience, so you get maximum engagement with an interested clientele.
  • Photo ads are retargeted to the audience that has a history of engaging with them until they warm up to your brand and make a purchase.
  • Sponsored photo ads help your brand stay on top of your customer’s mind and build credibility.

The team at our Instagram marketing agency knows what works best for Instagram sponsored posts. Our Instagram marketing strategy is data-driven, we keep an eye on what’s trending and what’s relevant and our knowledge reflects in the Ads that we create.

With our marketing for Instagram services, you don’t have to worry about writing your captions either. Our content and copy writers will manage everything for you.

Instagram Video Ads

Your audience wants to see more video content. Why? Because it is more engaging, easier to interpret and pleasant to watch. This is why, video ads perform extremely well on Instagram.

  • Instagram videos garner 21% more interactions than images. Advertising through videos will earn your brand more engagement, and more engagement means more sales.
  • Video is a form of content that can convey a comprehensive message in a concise, compelling, and engaging manner.
  • Video advertisements is an investment that generates prompt ROI.

To succeed with video marketing for Instagram, it is important to use short and comprehensive videos. But how will your entire proposition fit in a 10-second long video? Leave that to us. Our Instagram marketing agency is seasoned in creating concise yet high-resolution videos for Instagram.

We will ascertain that the video engages the viewers till the end and conveys your entire message.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ad is Instagram’s latest offering to support its million+ business community. These ads are extremely interactive and have a higher engagement rate compared to other types of static content.

  • Carousel ads have high engagement because they are captivating and impart significant value to the brand.
  • For story carousel ads, Instagram allows three 15-second long cards and keeps separate metrics for each card so you can track which form of content performs better.
  • Carousel Ads multiply web traffic by conveniently allowing linking to the website through one of the cards.

Instagram has stringent guidelines for Carousel ads. Moreover, you only have 15 seconds to evade swipe-through and grab your buyer’s attention.

With our Instagram marketing agency, you don’t have to worry about guidelines or content. We will do all the thinking and take responsibility of your marketing for Instagram so you can focus on building your business.

Be rest assured, we will put our creativity to good use and will not let the Carousel ad’s potential dissipate.

Product Collection Ads

Instagram for business being an all-embracing platform for eCommerce and marketing allows collection ads for brands who have a variety to show.

  • These ads enhance product exposure to the target audience. Customers can see a variety of products that the brand has to offer through one interaction.
  • These ads are representative of the brands niche, so the customers know what products to expect from them.
  • Collection ads entice customers with valuable propositions, and when paired with a compelling CTA, these ads drive massive conversions and generate quality leads.

When it comes to collection ads, we know what makes for good content. All you have to do is send us your product pictures and our Instagram marketing agency will manage everything else, from deciding on an Instagram marketing strategy to managing your PPC bidding.

Don’t have product photos? Our eCommerce product photography services might help.

Ads for Instagram Explore

Instagram explore is a world of virtual voyagers scrolling to discover new people, products and brands. Ensuring that your sponsored content appears in Instagram explore equates to increased brand awareness, higher engagement and more traffic.

  • Instagram has around 1 billion accounts and more than 50% of them scroll explore. That means 500 million accounts may interact with content advertised on explore.
  •  Instagram explore is highly personalized to user preferences. Advertising on explore means marketing your proposition directly to your target audience.
  • Ads for Instagram explore have tremendous potential for driving conversions and generating sales.

At our Instagram marketing agency, we keep up with the current trends and know what’s relevant. Moreover, our Instagram marketing strategy is driven by research on your target audience. So we know what makes them stop scrolling and adapt our advertising to it.

Marketing for Instagram: Why Choose Us?

At our Instagram marketing agency based in Calgary, we are determined to help our clients from all over Canada and United States achieve success with eCommerce through marketing for Instagram.

  • Our Instagram marketing company will help you outline your marketing objectives.
  • The creative marketing team at our Instagram advertising agency will create content and devise strategy to achieve your marketing for Instagram objectives.
  • We will perform a thorough audience research so that your Instagram marketing strategy is laser-focused on your target audience.
  • For Instagram video ads, we will create compelling thumbnails so that your video earns maximum views.
  • Our marketing for Instagram services include conversion rate optimization so each ad is optimized for maximum conversions.
  • Instagram provides analytic insights, and we use them. We gather important consumer interaction metrics and drive your marketing strategy based on this data.
  • Our Instagram marketing strategy involves retargeting the interested audience until they warm up to your brand and make a purchase.
  • We think mobile-first. So we always optimize our content for mobile view.


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Whether your marketing strategy is conversion, consideration or awareness based, our Instagram marketing agency will ensure that your brand meets its marketing for Instagram goals.

We are ready when you are. Reach out to us. Let’s start building your eCommerce success through the platform of engaging audience- Instagram.